Dildo Fucking

I love it when straight guys agree to a little dildo fucking in a jack off video. Most of the guys who show up on Bang Bang Boys are straight. But these Brazilians are hungry for money, so with the right amount of incentive, maybe even a iPod, they push past their limits. And I always wonder, if they're willing to fuck their ass with dildo, how much further will they go? And indeed, some of the guys on Bang Bang Boys do go a lot further, but so far, jacking off and dildo fucking is as far as Marcello has gone. Marcello is a hot Brazilian guy with a tight and ripped body. He's got an amazing ass, solid and fleshy. And he shaves his butt hole, and in his video, he spreads those butt cheeks wide and gives us a good look at his rosebud. (I do always wonder about "straight" guys who shave their fuck holes.) Marcello starts off on his knees and inching the black dildo up his ass, and once he's relaxed enough, he sits on it. Judging by the look on his face, I'm not sure if Marcello will be doing this again soon, but you never know.

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