Diego Is Lucas Kazan's Latest Find

Lucas Kazan travels the world looking for hot new talent. Scouting in Italy, France and Greece, the award-winning director has an eye for what works on-screen. Now, he rewards lustful fans with his latest find, Diego. This soulful 22-year-old is from Madrid and has all those yummy Mediterranean qualities we love to love: classic good looks, dark hair and eyes, and a sweet uncut cock!

"We pride ourselves on discovering the hottest Latin lovers," Kazan says. "But it's time we debut more sexy Spaniards." He goes on to say that Diego has had three girlfriends, but he has also had a boyfriend. "I'm attracted to girls," Diego says. "But I enjoy playing with the boys better. Less...complications."

Just wait till he gets his second boyfriend! Diego's debut solo is currently live at LucasKazan.com, and the studio promises that he will be back for another shoot in the fall. See you in September!

Spanish hunk shows his hard cock

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