Two things that you can count on gay man to love: Big cocks and Sassy Black women (I'm 85% sure we all have a sassy black woman living in us). So it's easy to understand why the gays were all aflutter this week when erotic performer and every power bottoms' dream, ReDICKulous, appeared on Bravo's southern belle blowout hit, "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

His name truly says it ALL. ReDICKulous is a biological miracle. He boasts a 12" x 6" MONSTER in his pants and is able to auto-fellate standing in an upright position. Which, he did do on the show and it left me petrified and in love all at the same time.

So what's the big deal? It's not like there aren't hung Flavalife Magazine cover models and Blatino Oasis Award Winning strippers running around everywhere. Well, aside from NeNe Leakes (a former stripper gone Apprentice to Mr. Trump) and her huge meltdown about how "disgusting and trashy" his god given talent is (although as a proper southern Christian woman she should rejoice in his *ahem* blessing), there seems to be some question about which way that thing swings.


ReDICKulous has toured all over the world from Atlanta to Spain and Italy and performed for varied crowds at many venues, but now the gossip queens want to know - is he gay, straight or bi? His association with companies like FlavaWorks and WhatsupnATL gives a clear line to Queersville, but he seems to be a bit partial to his female fans in a BIG way.

I say who cares? Let his dick find its way into MY drink in a dark Atlanta club and I'll nurse it like it's my last... whether HE likes it or not.

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