dickless man

As Margaret Houlihan said of her paramour on M*A*S*H, "Frank Burns is a lipless wonder." Well this dude is a dickless wonder. Sure it's hiding back between ye olde wonder thighs and ass crack, but still take this moment to realize you want him anyway, all zero inches of him.

Which yeah, that would be a hot thing to say if someone were into that. Guy #1: "How long is your cock?" Guy #2: "Why, it's zero inches, thank you." Guy #1: "Marry me!" Now why do I think that will absolutely never make Towleroad's gay proposal of the day posts. No, he wants proper gay proposals that take place in wholesome places like the aisle of a Salt Lake City Home Depot. Yeah that happened. No I'm not linking to it. Because anyone who proposes to their boyfriend in a Home Depot is an asshole.

Back to Mr. Dickless. Is it modesty? Because he hardly looks modest. No I think it's just a way to realize that muscle is muscle and dick is dick. And you love it all.

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