austin wilde and devin dixon

Devin Dixon is a cute guy and he hails from Austin, Texas. And that's where Austin Wilde got his start in life - and gay porn. So these two Austin boys come together for a horny ride. Devin has a tiny and tight boy butt, just the kind Austin Wilde loves cramming his big dick into.

There's no story here. The guys start off clothed and sitting on a leather couch. And Austin starts stripping Devin out of his clothes. He's got a trim and smooth body and he's packing a pretty big dick himself. Austin pushes this boy to his knees and gets his dick serviced long, slow, and deep. Then Austin lies back on the couch and Devin straddles his hairy chest and Austin gives him some head.

But Austin has really been wanting to feel his big dick inside this boy's butt. So he bends Devin over and gives his butt hole a spit shining with his tongue. Then he inches his stiff cock inside. Once he opens up Devin's ass and gets it used to his meat. Austin lies back on the sofa and lets this horny bottom ride his cock. When it comes time to cum, Devin lies back and Austin pounds his hole until the boy creams all over himself, then Austin pulls out and drenches Devin's cum-soaked body with his load. Always nice to see Austin Wilde servicing a nice piece of ass.

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