dickFlash is actually a portal leading to a forum. The forum is surprisingly well-attended and describes itself as a "Forum for Exhibitionists". It is apt. And it is everything it says it is. There are literally thousands of posts and subjects, completely covering all aspects of exhibitionism from "car flashing" to "male -to-male flashing", to flashing involving females. Web cams, photo groups and the posting of videos of flashers are in here as well as reactions to and of those of people doing "flashing" things. Fantasies are discussed in vivid and lurid detail, sometimes exposing a bit more than we might need to know as is the modern case with nearly any truly open forum. But it is the volume and the variety of fetishes which stunned me most, I think. Naturally, by browsing people's fantasies, we peer over the shoulder of those "possessed" of this urge. That we see it acted out in pictures and videos is one thing - the stories, no matter how far-fetched many of them undoubtedly are - are sometimes well-written but all carry the torch highly for the niche of Exhibitionism. This is a wild and woolly forum, complete with humiliations and terrifically sexy shit. It takes a bit of sorting, but the journey is intriguing as hell. I absolutely recommend a visit for the sheer honesty and the generally interesting subject matter which many of these folks take extremely seriously. This one is actually fun.

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