Dick Slips

I reckon I must now be a secret voyeur as I love sites like this. Someone shares my sense of humor, and that someone goes out of his way to find Dick Slips. These are photos where a guy accidentally let his bits show; a nut hanging from a pair of shorts, zips left open, kilts blowing in the wind, that kind of thing. There are also shots where the guys are simply showing off, or where someone's taken a photo on purpose, but even here you've got the thing that makes these images really sexy: Clothing and cock combined, or dressed boys showing just a little bit of flesh in the right places. There were 82 pages of free pics when I was having a look around and that's a lot of viewing. You can set the site to show you random pics, you can even send in your own, you can click to some of the adverts for toys and stuff if you want, or you can just spend a happy time looking at the things that slip from men's underwear.

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