Dick Slips

Enjoying those moments when guys slip their trunks and 'expose their junk accidentally; well, that's Dick Slips in an exposed nut-shell. Here's a blog that's all about finding candid photos of guys showing off more than they intended to, as well as guys just showing off. I've seen other blogs like this before (and some have the same content which, I guess, is unavoidable as it's taken from the web), but this one looks neater and cleaner, more professional and tidier. It's also got lots of images to browse through and smile at. Drunk guys pissing, laddish guys on holiday flashing, sleeping men with nuts showing, sportsmen racing with their tackle hanging out and even some totally erotic crotch shots of guys bulging in their lycra. What I really like, though, are the ones where you look and wonder 'where's the exposed dick then?' Then you see an insert, the site highlights the flashed cock or balls and you realize how eagle eyed these webmasters are. I can't keep my eyes off it.

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