Dick Busters is one of those directories whose scope is pretty mind blowing. Interestingly, the opening page is a page dedicated to reports of police activity - undercover or overt anti-cruising, anti-sex and the locations to avoid. As a service, it is fairly wild and most protective. Some are recently updated and many are from months earlier. It is obviously far from perfect, but it has some merit if you happen to live in the areas pinpointed. Otherwise, this is a full service sexual hook up web site. There is both a free and membership utility, with members getting more listings and ads to post. The range of postings ranges from Theaters to gay clubs, cruising spots (parks and rest stops), gloryholes, baths, resorts and topless bars. The personal ads themselves deal with specific acts - "cocksucker wanted or available" is most common, I think. A hugely complex site, although not that hard to get around in, there are features all over the place, including free tube movies and offers to pay sites. By far, the primary point of view is toward enabling hookups. I have to think, in this, they have a good measure of success. There is just too much going on not to.

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