Wow, it really is amazing what people can do with their photographs these days. Devious Honey contains some of the best photographic artwork I have ever laid eyes on. Fair warning for those with slow connections, the flash format for this site may take some time for you to load up. For those of us with good connections however, it is a nothing less than a wonderful experience. Many galleries of the artists' images are present in a slideshow flash context. Some of the images are left "as is", and yet some have been enhanced digitally in some form or other. For those looking to hire this photographer, categories of his work are revealed in "Fashion", "Commercial", "Boyscapes", and "Personal". It always helps when the men being photographed are gorgeous and photogenic, however, we all know that the outcome depends on the artist's skills with a camera. You will not be disappointed here at all, whether you're looking to hire him, are just browsing, or choose to purchase any of his works.

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