Ever since beefy stud Derek Atlas came onto the scene many wondered if this big, hunky stud would ever let someone fuck his tight little hole. Well, I guess the HOMO-fairy heard everyone's prayers, 'cos gays, the wait is OVER!! Derek Atlas gets it up the butt in a BIG, BIG WAY - and this time without a mask!

So who is the lucky guy that gets to "de-flower" his not-so-virgin ass? Well, Randy Blue is keeping a "tight lid" (see what I did there?!) on the stud that will make this tall drink of water moan like a cat in heat, but they have said that ALL will be revealed April 2nd 2012! I think they are totally playing it right with this kinda hype. We all want to see a bulky guy getting dominated and getting a good ol'fashioned cock up the ass, it's human nature!!

Up until a few days ago we could only speculate as to who is going to be screwing Derek, I wouldn't mind seeing Cayden Ross fuck him with that thick delicious cock of his, but seriously I have sooo many names in my head we could be here all night! So, now I hand it over to you, who would you pair Derek with? Let's hear it gays!

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