Lately, I've been on a Corbin Fisher jag. I love the site. They have some of the hottest guys around -- jocks, athletic types, some gay and some straight. I love watching the new guys signing up to do their solo jack off sessions, and then, checking back in the coming weeks to see if they've been invited back to get their first blowjob or fuck their first piece of male ass. Derek and Caleb are two of the regular crew that do the lionshare of work at Corbin Fisher. Derek is a hot, dark-haired, jock with a lean body. He's 6-feet tall and he's very tight. He's quite good looking and has a nice cock at 7 inches. Caleb is a bit of a surfer type with the shaggy hair, lean body, baggy shorts, shelled choker around his neck. Derek and Caleb has played together in a group scene with three other jocks, but they've never fucked together. And judging by the opening scene, Derek is pretty hot for Caleb. He practically rips the clothes right off him so he can start sucking his cock. And when Caleb sits up and makes an attempt to show Derek some attention -- you know, so he's not a total do-me pig -- Derek just pushes him back on the couch and slurps down his cock again. Caleb does finally get a taste of Derek's cock, and then, Derek fucks his buddy in a number of different positions. Derek is quite the fuck machine and he makes some pretty intense faces when he's fucking or cumming. Caleb shoots a big load while Derek is porking his hole, and this sends Derek over the edge and he adds his load on top of Caleb's.

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