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Is LGBTQIA pride (the TQIA is not silent) all about hot outfits? Nope. But part of politics is fighting for the freedom to be ourselves. And one key element of that is actually deciding to be ourselves (during pride celebrations and every day), such as by wearing a giant, glittery strap-on penis. Or is that his real penis? Enquiring holes want to know!

Now what's sleazy to one person is a job interview outfit to another. So what jobs might the folks above be on their way to interview for? Starting at top row, left to right:

  • Anal Policeman
  • Rabbi and Rabbi's Personal Assistant
  • Certified Public Accountants (clearly they count reps and earn dollars from tips so that's like counting money)
  • 2015 Eurovision Winner (continuing the awesome facial hair tradition of Conchita Wurst)
  • Greeter at Walmart (depends on the unlikely event of a Walmart opening in the Castro)
  • Sleepy Pervert

Hey, the world needs more sleepy perverts. Yawn.

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