UK Naked Men's D'vour is a totally hot package. From his winning smile, perfect silky skin, naturally toned body, perfect hands, captivating and very impressive uncut cock, he really is as charmingly sexy as he looks. In my humble opinion, not nearly enough black men are featured in gay porn. And with absolute studs like D'Avour here roaming the planet, I really can't figure out why. We go on a short tour of this perfectly spectacular ebony man while he shows off everything he has to offer. Especially his very ample endowment. Perhaps not having a whole lot of black men in the gay scene is a damn good thing so we can truly appreciate the ones we do get to see in all their naked splendor.


Now that's what you call two-fisted! Even with both his large holding onto his massive prick, D'Avour's uncut head and then some pops out from under his right hand. Damn that's big. And that way he's looking at us makes this shot even more intense.


There's the complimentary closeup. I've always loved the look of a black man's pubic hairs. All curly and smooth. Running your hands through them while your mouth is locked down on the large offering at hand. Black dudes rock!


Now this would not be a very good portrayal of such a splendid ebony stud as D'Avour if I left out a shot of his perfectly sculpted behind. He looks back at us to see if we're paying attention. Dude, you had us right from the get-go! UK Naked Men are always surprising us and that's what makes them such a fine fine supplier of some of the best looking men on the web. Guys like D'Avour here.

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