If you like hot straight/bi skater boy porn featuring some of the sexiest hung studs in the galaxy, meet Defiant Productions. If you're familiar with their work, you know that they have been steadily building an exceptional collection of supremely erotic porn with guys you won't see anywhere else (and I mean anywhere else). If you're not familiar with them, then boy are you in for one super sticky treat.

Blazing onto the porn scene shortly after the turn of the century (or perhaps slightly before), Defiant started as a rather small enterprise producing solo jackoff porn starring skater boys who were either straight, sorta straight, or soon to be bi. Their early works were riddled with poor production values: bad lighting, crappy sound, a grainy and sometimes imperceptible picture.

But even when they didn't have the money to move the camera and get creative, they still had some of the sweetest boys you'll ever see beating their meat with a vengeance. Even better, Defiant has always included a side specialization of guys who either selfsuck or can at least cum on their own faces or in their own mouths. Licking up one's own cum after a blast-off has been affectionately referred to in the industry as 'the Defiant tradition', and it's a tradition they haven't broken in all these years. God bless them!

As time marched on and Defiant generated more attention and thus bigger budgets, they started pumping out an unbelievable volume of videos, and with each one, the production values got better and the variety of guys grew. The concept of these videos is simple and to the point: hot skater boys getting off in any way they can while their girlfriends are away. When you see the faces and cocks of these dudes, you'll fall in love with Defiant instantly. There are no nellies here. These are completely masculine and sexy boys that you wouldn't think for a moment would suck on a cock. The solo jackoff material is incredible, and the duos (and sometimes threesomes and orgies) are incredibly sensual, especially when they play the 'I've never done this before' routine which they do exquisitely. You'll see hot and sweaty fucking, sucking, rimming, selfsucking and self cum eating, and more beautiful cocks than you can believe. Check out some of their fan favorites like Matthew Matters and Brock Labelli, both of them hung like horses and with two of the sexiest smiles I've ever seen in porn. Matt has a cock that is absolutely perfect, and Brock, bless his heart, always manages to blast himself right in the kisser every time he cums. Awwwwww. These two boys along with many others are simply gorgeous and flawless and so much more than you find on an average porn site or DVD.

If they continue along the path of success, I expect that Defiant will become one of the most famous and revered porn companies in the business. They shoot their vids conservatively with no frills or bullshit. They choose only the hottest models and cocks they can find (with occasional exception; there have been a coupla dogs, but not very many). They always maintain their theme of straight or bi boy-on-boy action and rarely cross into going over the top or trying to be something they're not. Their vids are often a full 2 hours comprised of 8 to 10 guys and sometimes include bonus scenes and cum shot montages. And for selfsucking fans, there are many incredible self oral cum shots and auto fellatio sequences throughout their collection that are worth documenting in gay porn history for outstanding achievement. Defiant is one of the few companies from whom I would purchase every video they've ever produced because each one of them has something amazing to behold.

If you haven't explored the fine work of Defiant Productions, I urge you to get to work and give them a visit. I've seen a lot of faces and a lot of dicks in this industry, and I can say without doubt that Defiant has provided some of the best and the hottest there is. You owe it to your penis to give them a try. I particularly recommend vids featuring Matt Matters, Brock Labelli, Shane, Ricky Underton, Kent Stryker, Brothers Bradley & Ryan Shaw, and a new dude called Tag who is one of their hottest selfsucking skater boys. Like the name says, Defiant is about being contrary to what is expected, crossing the line and resisting limits. These boys have earned a place in the gay porn Hall of Fame, and we are all in their debt.



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