It was great to see one of gay porn's newest - and biggest - stars take the stage at the 2011 Cybersocket Awards in Los Angeles: Peter Le. Peter, who began his gay porn erotica site back in 2008, has slowly climbed the ladders of this industry and established himself as one of preeminent A-listers in gay porn show biz.

I spoke briefly with Peter amid the boisterous crowd that Monday night and we had a chance to talk about his plans which, unbeknownst to him, include moving in with me and forcing me to become a willing victim of all of his sexual peculiarities.

Victor H: I'm standing here with Peter Le at the 2011 Cybersocket awards. Peter, it's nice to see you.

Peter Le: Same here, Victor.

Victor H: Tell me what's going on now with your projects. Are you still working on

Peter Le: Yeah, we are going to expand right now. I'm working with other websites to build a gallery of other Asian men to help break down stereotypes. So, for the next year - for 2012 - it's going to be a whole new category of different men on the website.

Victor H: And it will all be under the Peter Le umbrella?

Peter Le: Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's going to be a brand. You know, I want the Peter Fever to be more like the Asian stereotype breaker out there. I want good-looking Asian guys, nice body and also a nice package. So I'm now on the search for good-looking guys. And I'm working with other people to gather them up together to coordinate photos and videos with them in the future.

Victor H: We also know you from "K-Town." Tell me again how you describe this program.

Peter Le: It's sort of like an Asian version of "Jersey Shore." We recently got picked up by a huge network, a cable network, I can't tell you who, but it'll be announced pretty soon. The producers right now are working on the edits of the pilot show.


Victor H: Now they knew when you were cast in this reality program about your erotica, correct?

Peter Le: Well, they discovered it. They didn't know the extent of having nude photos out there and they did some research and that's when it totally blew up.

Victor H: But they haven't said to you: "We like you. We want you on the show. But you're going to have to cut back on that area of your life." Have they put any restrictions on your erotica?

Peter Le: Not necessarily. I mean, if I had to choose whether to do the whole "K-Town" or do Peter Fever, I think I have to stick with Peter Fever no matter what I have to [extend] my brand.

Victor H: Well, we're looking forward to more from you and it's good seeing you.

Peter Le: Same here.

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