There are two porn production companies on the market who consistently put out excellent, high quality vids with some of the hottest boymeat on the planet. In case you haven't explored their catalogs and what they have to offer, allow me to introduce you to them. I feel very strongly that these two companies are setting the standard for how porn should be produced, and nearly every other company needs to take a lesson from them.

Cobra Video

Cobra Video has been putting out absolutely delightful vids for a few years now, and not one of them disappoints. The two main factors are the production values and the casting. Many of the models in Cobra vids are simply to-die-for, and you won't see most of them in other company's productions. These boys are totally into what they're doing and have limitless erotic energy. Boys like the forever flawless Brent Corrigan, Austin Sterling and Connor Ashton all deliver top-notch performances in Cobra vids which are never predictable or routine. Beyond the casting, the reason that Cobra achieves such remarkable success is that they put great time and care into the shooting and editing of their material. There is no sloppy camerawork, botched cum shots, unsynchronized sound, or babbling production assistants, and you certainly won't see the cameramen getting into the action. Each vid is put together with fine attention to detail and a clear desire to produce something that is polished and professional. In addition, many of their duos include multiple cum shots, and several vids are well over 2 hours in length. Cobra's commitment to delivering exceptional porn is uncommon in this industry, and we should give them as much support as we can to keep them in business. We love those snakes, boys!

Defiant Productions

I've probably mentioned Defiant before, but it's time to check in again. Defiant's production values have improved considerably in the past year. They are now using flashier editing, creative camera angles, and constantly bringing in new flesh to keep the action fresh and exciting. This is hot straight/bi skater boy porn devoted to spilling cum anywhere and everywhere, usually on each other's faces and sometimes even into their own mouths. I have watched Defiant mature from a fledgling, cheap, technically-challenged company to a heavy duty leader of the industry. The prime source of success for Defiant is director Joe Serna's unbeatable casting. He manages to find amazing boys who are masculine, sexy, well hung, talented, and they simply love getting it on with each other. Many of them are longtime regulars who keep cumming back for more, and they never seem to age a day. These boys scream when they shoot their loads and they interact with the audience by smiling and frequently checking in with you to make sure you're having as much fun as they are. The best part of the equation is that nearly all of these boys are exclusive to Defiant, so there's no chance of oversaturation or making any of them common. This is highly specialized exciting material, and I'm glad to see them continue to improve their technical skills while never failing to provide beautiful performers with devilish grins and positive attitudes. There's never been a better reason to defy convention.



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