Defendi And Evans In Episode 8 Of SYTYCF Defendi And Evans In Episode 8 Of SYTYCF

Any scene with Tommy Defendi is reason to celebrate (and jerk off!). But does that include the ones in which he bottoms!? The gay porn superstar has become famous for both topping and bottoming, but it's hard to know which position his die-hard fans prefer. In Episode 8 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck, Tommy winds up on the bottom. But first, the contestants of both teams take part in a silly three-part relay challenge. First, the guys must run around a smoking torch, then they switch clothing (at least we get to see some skin) before bobbing for apples and other assorted fruits. The slow-motion photography and dramatic music add to the tension here, but the highlight is definitely the skin! There is a winning team (you have to watch to find out which), and then it's off to the woods for some sex.

This week, Defendi is paired with Bryce Evans. The scene takes place in a soggy outdoor amphitheater. Sadly, there's no audience as Defendi begins with a solo jack. Evans wanders by and casually starts sucking Tommy's big dick. (Who wouldn't!?) This duo is a visual mismatch, starting with the juxtaposition of Tommy's lean hairy physique with Bryce's smooth bright-orange muscle. There's little connection between the models as they move through standard-issue oral and eventually to the fucking. It's cute the way Tommy moans and tweaks his nipples, but this relatively short scene (17 minutes) winds up feeling much longer. Eventually, Tommy jerks off directly into the camera (those times when 3-D really pays off) while straddling Bryce, but really, it looks like he could just as easily be doing his load solo.

The judges enjoy the scene, and totally buy into Tommy as a bottom, but the word "underwhelmed" does come up. Judge Danny from Cam4 notes the lack of interaction between the porn stars, especially during the cum shots. And it's interesting that the panel doesn't seem satisfied in the end--they all wanted to see fisting! (To watch moderator Scotty B make the unlikely connection between series host Matthew Rush and Whoopi Goldberg, tune into the free judging portion of this episode.)

Believe it or not, there's only one installment left before a winner is named. But who will take the crown? Remember, the teams gain points for winning group challenges, but viewers have a say in who gets the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote at SYTFCF.

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