Sucking cock. What a treat. That long, thick appendage sliding in and out of your throat. Knowing you're putting a man into the stratosphere with your hole. Ok, I'm getting carried away. Woke up extra horny this morning. Check out these three dudes as they get into some heavy felatio action. BLAKE MASON is famous for guys like this. Lean, healthy, hung and horny. Always good, always entertaining, they give you what you need and more. Can't ask for much more than that.


Ho Ho Ho!! The Santa hats are a nice touch. They probably feel good on the skin too if they're made of velvet. You have to love a circle-suck like this guys. My juices get flowing big time when I just look at a scene like this. Oh yeah!


Get that dickskin into ya boy! This reminds me of old times. Getting it on with a few of my high school buddies on a Saturday afternoon. Hours of fun. Sucking, rimming and all the goodies. Life can just be so good sometimes.


These are three of the best looking Santa Clauses I've ever seen. Big cocks, gorgeous features and a deep hunger for man meat. Yep. BLAKE MASON will not disappoint you guys. If you've been hanging around "The Demon" for a while you probably know that by now. Let your buddies know where the beef is. There's always a neverending supply here. Without a doubt.

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