Oy vey, has it been a busy week for Michael Lucas! In case you haven't been following this tale of misbegotten woe, allow me to explain. Michael Lucas is a pornographer. Michael Lucas owns one on the largest, most successful gay porn companies not just in New York, not just in America, but in the entire galaxy of planets known to man. Michael Lucas is also a Jew. And a very wealthy one, at that.

He's apparently an extremely effective Community Organizer, too. Within the span of several hours last week, Michael not only stopped and had evicted, but banned any future use of the GLBT center in New York by a left-wing group - the Siege Busters Working Group - associated with the other person in this story.

Meet Sherry Wolf. Activist. Writer. Public Speaker. She is also Jew 2: She-Jew. And one that is also a scholar, academic, professor, public-speaker and someone who has been at the forefront of the struggle for equality for the last 25 years. (She joined Act-Up in 1988 and served on the Executive Board of the 2009 Equality March.) Sherry is also at the forefront of the Siege Busters Working Group who were organizing their "Party to End [Israeli] Apartheid" at said GLBT center in New York.

Naor_Tal_Lucas_Entertainment.jpgSherry believes, as many on the left do, that equality and freedom from oppression are not only slogans to chant to but steps along the way to a better world. But that oppression can occur anywhere. Even in Israel. And because that's how she sees it - Israeli oppression of Palestinians doesn't stop because they're gay - and because Michael argues that Israel is a beacon of gay rights and the Palestinians (and just about any Muslims in the Middle East) have a horrific human rights record, you can see why these two won't be breaking bread anytime soon.

And it doesn't take someone with a chemistry kit in their toy chest to know that Michael and anti-Israel-anything isn't just a combustible mix, it can apparently be financial toxic. Just ask Mr. Lucas who, while in the mainstream gay press was arguing that Ms. Wolf and her friends are anti-Semitic, stories were also circulating of Michael's threats of financial blowback if the event were to proceed at the center.

The GLBT enter capitulated and rescinded the offer to continue in their space and terminated their event without so much as phone call to Sherry and her group. (It was the first time since August, 2008, Sherry noted, that an event had ever been canceled.)

This story has more legs and we'll keep you posted. But right now we don't want to overwhelm our readers so we now return you to your regularly scheduled masturbation.

Via: GayPornTimes.com

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