Dean Flynn Is Making A Comeback!

And he's playing a doctor on TV! Yes, that is onetime Titan Men exclusive superstar Dean Flynn. Only now, looking a bit more, er, mature following a two-year break from the industry, he's starring in a new movie for Hot House Entertainment. Malpractice is the vehicle that is bringing handsome Dean back to salivating porn fans, and he's still as hot and hung as ever. Christian Owen is directing him in his comeback scene with humpy Trenton Ducati. We've heard that Flynn took the time off to return to school. We do know that he's been living quietly in Chicago but is now ready to make a sexy splash once again. And this time, he's wearing a white coat (though not for long...see above!) and is making housecalls. Hello, doctor! For more information on Dean Flynn and Malpractice, visit

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