Dean's bio, on his personal site boasts that he was "by far the most handsome" of all the kids in his family. He also says that once, "he had a girl suck on his dick so hard she barfed on him" and that these days, he's usually found "either working out, masturbating, or fucking his girlfriend". When he's not doing any of those he's available, according to ClubDean, for $2500 overnight "party" appearances, which he stresses are not part of any escort service or offer of prostitution: "Money exchanged is for time and companionship only".

Previously, Dean was a star at StraightCollegeMen, where he still occasionally appears. There, he's appeared in the Castle, Hawaii, and Island series, as well as at least half a dozen other movies.


At Straight College Men

Haunted Building (June 2007)

The Castle Series (2007)

Broderick In The Car (2006)

The Island Series (2006)

Magic Shoot (2005)

Dean Butt Spurt (2005)

Food Fight (2005)

Sonny and Dean (2005)

Hawaii Series (2004-05)

All Night (2004)

Caleb and Dean (2004)

Brett and Dean Bake A Cake (2004)

Paul Brett and Dean (2004)

Paul Dean and Ryan (2004)

Dean Brett and Trevor (2004)

Paul and Dean (2004)

Dean and Damon (2004)

Dean and Brett (2003)

Dean Alone (2003)

Dean and Trevor (2003)

Dean and Davis (2003)

Dean and Lucca (2003)

Dean (2003) (since 2007)

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