It would seem as though gay bear drawing is becoming a fairly popular form of artisist expression. Either that or we're just getting very lucky here at Gaydemon, running into all these wonderful gems. Your front page is pretty basic and gives out a bit of a warning to those not olde enough to browse the site. To your left is your main navigation menu. Our webmaster is Don, a 31 year old artist from Auckland, New Zealand. It's no surprise that he is a graphic designer for a living, judging by the fantastic portrayals he conjures up of sexy, fury studs. "Galleries" shows us some of Don's work going back as far as 2004. He has definitely improved when it comes to detail, and has even perhaps become much more of a lover of cigar-chomping, heavy hitting burly blokes. One thing I can say about this type of animation is that although it is usually based around the same ilk of man, every artist has their own particular of bringing them across. Don is no exception to this, and his work represents all that is alluring and wonderful about bearish men. Great creations indeed!

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