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Travis first appeared on Corbin Fisher only a couple of months ago and he's already been fucked by four of the alumni. This week it was Dawson's turn to work over the hot guy's butt. Travis has quickly become one of the most requested guys in the Corbin Fisher stable of regulars. The lean 23-year-old is adorably cute and he's sporting a well-defined body. And as you'll see, he's packing a nice, big cock. But so far this straight boy's cock hasn't seen much action. He jumped right in with his ass in the air. I'm wondering if he's really straight or a parade waiting to happen. Time will tell, I guess. When Corbin Fisher paired Travis up with Dawson he knew the scene would be on fire. And it was. Travis's hole gets worked over in this video like never before. Dawson loves to fuck fast and furiously and few guys can pump and thrust with as much energy as he can. And few guys can take a Dawson fucking for long. As you'll see here, Travis gets jack hammered mercilessly and yet handles it all oh so well! And wait until you see Dawson's cumshot. He sprays a huge load right across Travis's belly - it's a must-see.

Riding a Hard Cock

Wild Cum Shot

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