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In a city like London you really don't need to go very far to get laid. Men are everywhere, willing to take it or give it to you at the drop of a dildo.

Now, getting a little sumthin', sumthin' might be easier than ever as there is a new breed of gay out there that really doesn't give a fuck where/when or who sees him getting off and if the guys watching wanna join in, then all the better. Yes, welcum to the age of the "Rene-gays"

Gone are the days when you needed to go somewhere "gay" to get your freak on, now thanks to these feisty fuckers you can pretty much see guys getting off... well.... ANYWHERE!

Case in point: my non-gay gym. A year a go I walked into the sauna and I saw two guys milking each other's cocks for all they were worth and I thought: Hmm.. maybe it was a one off, but every single time I've gone in there someone is beatin' or gettin' off!

Rene-gays are more than out and proud, they are out, proud and very, very horny!

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