Davis from Maverick Men

Okay, so he might be as red as a lobster in this new clip, but Davis is back! And the blue-eyed cutie is also back to the beach. The last time we mentioned this scruffy newcomer, he had branched out from his debut gig with the Maverick Men to being one of the stars of Jake Deckard's acclaimed Men in the Sand. Davis jazzed up two scenes in that Fire Island-based movie (one with the yummy David Anthony), but now he's back home in Florida and welcoming old buddies Cole and Hunter. The Maverick Men are only too happy to see Davis, and they celebrate by driving to a deserted beach (thankfully!) where they can get their fuck on. "We were literally getting blown all over the beach," Cole says. And that's not the only thing getting blown! Davis performs oral duty on both guys before bending over. Although he's seen applying sunscreen, it doesn't seem to work and by the end, the eager bottom's bottom is toasty! After some fun in the sun and in Davis' pickup truck, the trio return to their hotel room for some hard-core sucking and fucking, including a lovely facial for Davis. Maybe that will soothe his sunburned skin! For more information, visit MaverickMen.com.

Gay sex on the beach

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