Actor David Pevsner Shows His 'Shameless' Side Actor David Pevsner Shows His 'Shameless' Side

Few mainstream actors ever give us full-frontal realness. Sure, Michael Fassbender showed miles and miles of cock in Shame; Bruce Willis gave up some underwater peen in Color of Night; and Richard Gere even offered a glimpse of Little Dick in American Gigolo back in the day. But the sheer bravery of David Pevsner puts them all to shame. This talented actor and writer has been working on the New York stage (Party, When Pigs Fly), on TV (Desperate Housewives, Liz & Dick) and in films (300 and The Fluffer) for more than 15 years. That's why it was such a shocker when we recently came across his explicit--and we mean explicit--Tumblr. In an unprecedented move, David has shared more than a decade's worth of his erotic modeling for some of the art world's top photographers, including Tom Bianchi and Michael Liberatore.

In an exclusive interview with GayDemon, David says that when some of the revealing photos started leaking online a couple of years ago he wasn't sure what to do. "Those pictures were sort of my dirty little secret for a long time," he says. "But the truth was, I was kind of proud of some of those shots." So instead of waiting for more to surface, he decided to put himself out there in all his naked glory. The result is "Shameless," a blog that takes a totally naked look at the 55-year-old star. "I just don't care anymore what people think. I'm too damn old. Plus I hate how provincial society can be about sex and nudity. I mean we are just racked with shame about it, and gay men especially have had to hear tons of crap all our lives. And I won't's narcissistic, and it's a bit of a turn-on knowing these shots are out there. I've always had an exhibitionistic streak a mile wide."

I think we should celebrate our bodies and sexuality and lose the toxic shame and judgment and live.  

That streak encompasses his varied acting gigs, including the online series Old Dogs & New Tricks, which starts its third season in the fall, and Musical Comedy Whore, his self-penned one-man theater piece, which shares the funny stories and raw truth behind his sexual evolution. "In a way, the show and the blog are meant to work hand in hand," Pevsner admits. "They're both essentially about becoming shameless."

For David, the photos are just another way to express himself artistically, sexually and erotically. "I own it," he says. "Call me a sensualist. A provocateur. Whatever. If you own it, I believe they can't hurt you. Certainly, time will tell. I've worked hard to do good, creative work, and I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing artists. If I continue to do that and build my body of work, then I believe the pics will just be one more aspect of what I do--and an interesting side note."

He adds that his numerous modeling sessions also serve as motivation for himself. "Knowing you're stripping for the camera is a great incentive to stay in shape!" he says with a laugh. And while he isn't exactly ready to audition for Raging Stallion, he says, "I would definitely do a film that has hard-core sex if it really added to the story and character." But in the big picture, he hopes that the new site will open up a dialogue about aging and sexuality while inspiring others. His message? "I think we should celebrate our bodies and sexuality and lose the toxic shame and judgment and live. Be free, let loose, explore, enjoy, get turned on, don't be ashamed, appreciate your body, be comfortable with it, take care of it, use it for pleasure."

And look damn good doing it! To see more of David Pevsner's photos, click here.

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