Fine Art Gets Sexy In New David Leddick Book

David Leddick is the prolific author who has published numerous art books (mostly featuring hot male nudes) and novels. His latest, Gorgeous Gallery, is the first art book to combine what is considered "popular" sexual art with "fine" art. Bruno Gmünder is publishing the 160-page volume, which spans three genres. According to Leddick, that includes: the classic "gay spirit" of the 20th century; trendsetting contemporary gay artists (including Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Paul Cadmus and others) at their most sexual; and a group of newer avant-garde gay artists largely unseen until now.

"This book goes further visually than any previous homoerotic art book," Leddick says. "It is more graphic and more sexual than any previous collection, because now it's the 21st century where powerful sex and art can exist in one work."

Gorgeous Gallery shows how artists have historically almost always portrayed homoerotic images of sexy men that were meant to be enjoyed by other men. "A book like this has never existed before," Leddick adds. "There are many paintings in this collection that have never been presented in an art book."

And just because Leddick, who is also a cabaret artist, is now 82 years old doesn't mean that he can't appreciate a beautiful man and the response it can elicit. "After romantic relationships and living life to the fullest through my seventies," he says from his home in Miami, "I feel like I have gone out into an unknown frontier from which no one has reported back. We are all going to share a new, rich experience in this last third of our lives--a productive and exciting time which has never existed historically before."

We can only hope! For more information on Gorgeous Gallery, click here.

David Leddick's fine erotic art book Gorgeous Gallery

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