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We all know that porn stars have got to be in front of the camera and look hot and horny, but what about the people that work behind the camera? What is it like working with porn stars and getting them all worked up!

I recently had a chat with uber-hottie David Hart, who is the photographer for SHOOTMEUP.CO.UK and the porno-romp night in London, GIGOLODISCO. We talked about what it's like working with some of the hottest men in gay porn, what goes into each shoot and finally what his plans are for this year and beyond.

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David has shot some of the most famous men in porn like Johnny Hazzard, Alex Marte, Jean Franko, Issac Jones, Tomas Brand, Will Helm and Samuel Colt, just to name a few. One thing is certain is that David knows how to bring the BE(A)ST out of all of his hunks, and I asked him just how he does it. David said that the most important thing on set is for the model to be as comfortable as possible even in situations that are not always so comfortable. He recently shot the incredibly hot Tomas Brand in London, and not only did he shoot outside in the rain but it was freezing! David said that he kept the vibe on the shoot upbeat and light in order to take Tomas's mind off of the fact that it was icy and that he had to pose in tight little Speedos and not much else!

Tomas Brand posing in Speedos

I also had to mention the possibility of Mr.Hart getting himself in some porno shoots, and he looked at me, smiled a slutty smile and said: "never say never". I tried to ask what the hell that meant, but he wasn't telling me any more. So that might just mean that we could see this hunky photographer taking it all off and we gays will be loving it! He also told me that he was preparing to take his GIGOLO brand to the next level with various exciting new projects that included fashion, music and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for this talented photographer 'cos you might just be seeing a whole lot more of him in front of the camera and I for one am not complaining at ALL!

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