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I blogged about Dave a couple of weeks back when he first appeared on Corbin Fisher. (See Smooth Frat Boy.) I knew back then that Corbin Fisher would be inviting Dave back for some guy on guy action. First of all, he's Corbin Fisher cute, and second of all, he said that he has played with both guys and girls - that almost guarantees and invitation right there. And this probably had the greatest effect on what happened next. Normally when Corbin Fisher invites a solo jack off guy back for a guy on guy scene, he gets a blowjob from one of the regulars. And for a lot of these straight guys, it's a pretty nervous affair because they've never been with another guy. But in Dave's case he has, so what does Corbin Fisher do? He teams him up with two regulars who suck Dave's cock. And real-life, best buds TJ and Ben are breaking Dave in. Ben and TJ have shared a whole lot before our very eyes here at Corbin Fisher. (I think they shared their first guy on guy fuck scene together.) Dave enjoyed every minute of having two jocks work over his cock, but TJ and Ben were really getting off on watching one another suck another guy's cock up close.It's pretty hot with Ben ended up with more than his fair-share of cum all over his mouth!

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