Well one of the first things you'll notice about Dave Land is that your webmaster is a graphic designer and website creator. Although pretty simple in concept, the site is very well put together. You'll have two warning pages to get through before you make it to the main area. Just click on the "D" logo twice is all. Dave is also a DJ, as you will see some pics of him at work as soon as you enter. To the left if your menu where you can read a bit more about this hot guy, as well as get to his more personal pics. Just click on "sex" and you'll be able to view all that Dave is into. Such as: diapers, bondage, rubber, and feet. Each gallery contains no less than 9 pics of high quality with Dave dressed up and having some kinky fun. In the event Dave does something to pique your own fetish and kink libido, he resides in the Wisconsin area and is head DJ over at (La)Cage - the biggest dance club in the city. Perhaps you and he might have something to talk about - music, websites, rubber, tying him up? You just never know.

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