So, what would happen if you met your sexy ass at a bar? Would you take you home? Would you fall in love with yourself, and most importantly: would you FUCK YOURSELF? AH, the questions a gay must ponder!

Well, Dave Franco (James Franco's hot-as-fuck lil'bro) does love himself enough to give it to himself up the ass! This video of him is making the rounds, and shows just how much this spunky hot stud adores everything he's got to offer and when his bitchy girlfriend told him to "GO FUCK YOURSELF", he really did take that literally!

I had no idea Dave Franco was this hot, and with this video he has jumped from reg hot dude that does funny videos to gay internet phenomena! Seriously this video is EVERYWHERE! I know there are thousands of gays out there wishing they could get a piece of that Franco action and who knows - we have seen the boy does have potential! Next stop BelAmi, please!

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