There's nothing here but what the site itself calls "10 years of Gay Gossip, Politics and Pointless Bitchery". A simple forum that automatically updates new threads in order of posted time and which appears to have no moderators, rules or interference of any kind. It's just - largely American - gay guys killing time with often hilarious posts about their sex lives, work days or celebrity crushes.

A random sampling of thread titles at time of writing: "How do you take your shirt off?", "My BF called me an idiot because I store bread in the fridge", and "How come there hasn't been more media coverage of Lady Bird's Death?".

Sometimes only available to subscribers when traffic is heavy, the forum is otherwise completely free, and always the best place to check in and search for what Hollywood celebs are actually gay, and read the posted stories that "confirm" the rumours with anecdotes about blowjobs in LA nightclubs, for example.

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