Dart's Domain

Dart's Domain features an all-time favorite actor/artist famous in the bondage realm who now makes a truly fascinating site and blog. Yes, it does feature a few selected pictures of his work and yes, there is a video section which is - as yet - empty. (One can hope!). But the Dart we have seen in bondage specialty videos and live on stage, either performing or judging events and films, is more than meets the eye. Always handsome as hell, this is a smart dude. He is well-stated, writes easy to digest blog posts and autobiographical things and he has a very active interest, not only in his niche but of the minds and careers of others. To that end, his blog features Podcasts of all sorts of the major players in porn, especially bondage porn, all of whom respond to him as equals or admirers and who he gets to open up in fascinating and informative ways. This is an interesting man, our Dart, and he is currently making himself far more so by adding this layer of transparency and confession and by using what is a great personality to make himself far more available to us all. He travels well - he even solicits mail from those who would host him. Oh, he still does "his thing", make no mistake. He even admits, as a confirmed "Top", that he has a "special someone" who can reverse all that for some special fun. I like this guy - he seems like a sexual hound dog and a really cool person. The site is totally top notch and highly-recommendable.

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