Dark Vulcan is a site with an astounding amount of insight into the world of SM/ BDSM. The proprietor is terrifically experienced in every phase of it all and his representations and the educational perspective he offers in this blog is enlightening and wide-ranging. He covers the basics - SM play, the "Rules" he employs ("Nothing unsafe, nothing illegal, no drugs, no scat"), spanking, tit play, CBT (cock and balls torture) and punishment. He also has a category called "Others". What may be the single most impressive aspect of his viewpoint is the role of the mix of physicality and "imagination".

I quote him: "SM Play is like extreme sport - the thrill you get depends on how hard you push against the envelope. And like extreme sports, safety is a primary concern - for it is only when you feel safe from real harm that you can embrace the thrill of experience.

I'm into SM Play as an erotic "extreme sport" rather than a lifestyle. I enjoy the excitement and intimacy of pushing a bottom through his thresholds. Of weaving a fabric of pain and pleasure that is physically intense and ignites the imagination."

So not only do we "get" this man's own perspective after serious thought about his preferences, we also then get a trip through what it all entails. This is an incredibly informative site where the author describes the various roles and desired sensations of the experience of this mostly misunderstood area of sexuality. This is an informative and fascinating site that deserves a visit by anyone interested - even just intellectually - in the reality of SM/BDSM.

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