Danny And Fitz

UK Scally Lads happened upon short, slim and pale white scally lad Danny from North Wales. He admitted to having a thing for well hung black studs and so they hooked him up with Fitz, from the East Midlands. If ever there were two blokes that were total opposites in physical stature, it would be Danny and Fitz. Salt and pepper I guess you could call them. He He. Danny sure loved Fitz's tall, lean frame. And when he saw that huge cock of his, they were rolling around on the bed in no time flat. Danny really didn't need much in the way anal preparation it would seem before he took all that Fitz had to offer. In fact, after some kissing, cuddling and trying to take that monster cock down his throat, he was pretty much ready for the plunge. And plunge is what Fitz did into that tight, while scally lad ass. Damn this is some HOT interracial action indeed!

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