Dank and Dirty Raw Fuck Dank and Dirty Raw Fuck

A musty room, dingy lighting that confuses your senses, a mattress that smells of sweat, piss, and God knows what else -- somehow it all gives you permission to explore your inner pig. This scene from Dark Alley reminds me of trips to the Barracks, one of Toronto's most infamous and dirty bathhouses. It closed years ago, but I had some of the wildest and raunchiest sex there. I'd race home afterwards to hose down with bleach, but while there, almost nothing was off limits.

The set-up of this video could be anything: a couple of fuck buddies working out a scene, a snitch caught talking to the cops and he's waiting for his punishment, or a master whoring out his sub's ass to a buddy, or a few of them. Jay Brix chained to a filthy mattress in a dark, unkempt room. When Shane Frost enters and shoves his big cock in this bound guy's face, Jay resists at first, but his hunger for dirty cock gets the better of him and he's gulping down as much of this fat sweaty dick as he can.

Jay was wearing jeans; well, he still is, sort of -- Shane sticks his finger through a worn spot in the jeans and rips himself a glory hole, exposing a beautiful furry and sweaty ass crack. Shane kneels behind Jay, rams his tongue inside Jay's hole, and finally shoves his thick meat into the warm and wet crevice. Shane wraps his fist around what's left of the jeans' waistband and starts screwing hard. And he doesn't stop until his balls churn up a big load of spunk. Where does he let it fly? Check it out and see for yourself.

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