Dani got caught with his pants down. Literally. He was arrested at London's Kings Cross Station getting it on with some other horny bloke. Dani's defense lawyer Ross has set up a meeting in order to prep his client for cross examination for when they get into court. Things started out as a regular lawyer-client conference, but then things got a little hot. MEN AT PLAY takes us on a wild journey here with two fantastic hunks getting down to business. How can something like this be a sin? It looks like pure heaven to me.


Yes, it isn't long before the slacks come down and Dani starts earning his legal fees. Ross shoves his thick rod into his client's mouth and lays back to sample the service. These dudes may look all professional suited-up, but when the threads are shed, their real personnas are exposed - tattoed, muscled bods and raging hard-ons.


Ahhhh, there's nothing like the feeling of a hot, wet tongue buried up your ass. This will teach Dani not to be out in the streets looking for a piece of ass when it's right here in front of his face. What a great shot! The photographers knew what they were doing when they compiled this photo set. Lucky bastards getting to watch Dani and Ross go nuts on each other like this. I'd give my left nut just to be a fly on the wall.


I would think that Dani paid off his retainer fee but I'm pretty sure Ross is going to want his client's ass around his prick. Of course, there's only one way to find out isn't there? Yep, you'll have to head on over to MEN AT PLAY and see what's on the roster. They specialize in tons of felonious activity, such as sodomy and lude homosexual fraternization. Think you can handle that? I know I can.

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