Now, I get the whole black and white thing, ergo "interracial." What I'm not exactly sure I'm getting is how Cabbage Patch homie Li'l Niz, thinks that somehow by affecting a name fraught with racial undertones he would somehow be, I don't know, blacker?And doesn't that make it beside the point? I'm confused.

But far be it from me - a white gay male from an economically advanced city - to suggest that Li'l Niz - no relation to Li'l Kim, Li'l Wayne, Li'l Abner or any other of the Li'l's - doesn't need to affect anything. He's a sexy kid and a professional who maintains a nice erection through and through.

Lil Niz and DeAngelo JacksonAnd the way describes it, you can't help but stick at least one of your hands into your jeans and frottage with abandon:

"In this video, Lil Niz is at the receiving end of DeAngelo Jackson's deep dicking. He sucks on that black dick which was already hard as rock from all that tonsil hockey, then DeAngelo feasts on his white ass. Everybody knows(Phaedra Parks voice) black gay men are champion ass eaters and DeAngelo is one of the best. He drives Lil Niz wild with his ass eating skills, then proceeds to deep fuck that white ass, shoving that black dick as far inside that hole as he can get. Then he sprays his nut all over Lil Niz..."

"Tonsil hockey." I love it! And Storm from is right: the treasure is in the foothills of Angelo D'Jackson's own, private Sierra Madres, those beautiful, ripened, dark-cherry ass cheeks of his, perhaps the closest thing to human perfection the human waste mechanism has come to look. Viva le garbage!

You can see more of D'Angelo Jackson and Li'l Niz (who looks like he's giving the performance of a short lifetime) over at So be sure to check out this Gay Demon-approved featurette.


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