Danda Gets Stopped, Bound and Abused Danda Gets Stopped, Bound and Abused

In the final part of the Gay War Games story "Do not pass!" our unlucky young straight guy Danda is now totally naked, bound and tied and moaning like a bitch on heat as he gets raw fucked by the hot blond gay Guard.

For those who missed the earlier parts, Danda is a cute young blond guy on his way home to his local village to visit his girlfriend. But due to some War Games in progress, his path is blocked by a Guard posted along the road through the forest. Danda is stopped; strip searched and then bound and tied up. Naturally, since the Guard is gay, Danda's cute little arse and uncut cock and balls also get fondled and abused. His hands and feet are bound in such a way that he cannot refuse anything, yet all the necessary parts are freely available to the Guard, and we watch as he fucks Danda's tight little smoothly shaved arsehole - bareback! Then in the finale, we catch up to where the Guard is fucking Danda from behind, toying with his soft cock and balls, and even slapping his arse cheeks to increase the pain and humiliation. The Guard is now ready for his massive climax, and pulls out and stands over Danda and cums all over the young man's face. Then, surprisingly, Danda is released, and instead of running away, he grabs hold of his own hard cock and jerks it until he cum's all over his stomach - and now we are left to wonder, was Danda a victim here, or was he really enjoying himself the whole time?

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