Dalton Briggs Makes Helix Studios Debut Dalton Briggs Makes Helix Studios Debut

Teenagers abound at Helix Studios, but the latest model is packing something extra special. Hailing from Russia, Dalton Briggs has big rubbery lips and a questionable blond dye job, but once the 19-year-old cutie lowers his sweatpants and pulls out his hefty tool, you know that he's the real deal. Dalton's solo debut for the online studio begins with him caressing his lithe body and smooth butt. But once he gets to jacking, Briggs seems to forget everything, including the annoying barking dog in the background. Soon, he's thumping his thick uncut piece on his perfect six-pack abs. His double-fisted pump technique leads to heavy breathing. Eventually, he moans of his impending load and then shoots nicely on the rug. Even though the scene lasts only 10 minutes, Dalton makes an impression. And according to the studio, he's also causing a commotion among its stable of stars, who are vying to bottom for him and his veiny piece. Who knows? Maybe Evan Parker will switch it up! For more information, visit Helix Studios.

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