Dale Lazarov Gets Serious About Gay Erotic Comics

Who says you need real live guys to create hot gay porn?! Writer/editor Dale Lazarov does just fine with his gay erotic comics. Look at these illustrations. Isn't that boxing scenario right out of a Jimmy Fanz movie!? Lazarov is the man who writes the words behind titles such as Good Sports, Nightlife, Manly and Sticky. He collaborates with numerous artists, including Alessio Slominsky, Bastian Jonsson, Amy Colburn and Steve MacIsaac. Dale believes that comics are "uniquely suited to represent both the objective and subjective experience of homoreroticism--and affirm it." The Chicago-based writer says that he was inspired by Tom of Finland and other artists who create "porn that smiles". In his own work, he attempts to invest gay erotic imagery in comics with "an aspirational context". He wants to present "distinctive characters who have relational context that is integral to the story". In other words, he wants to show hot guys who are also lovable!

To read Dale's "Comics Made Me Gay" essay, click here. For more information, visit DaleLazarov.com.

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