Please Don't Fuck My Ass

Dak Ramsey has been on a losing streak over at Naked Kombat. In his last fight he had to give up his ass to Race Cooper. In victory, Race fed his big, black cock to Dak - first down his throat, and then, up his ass! So Dak Ramsey is desperate for a victory. He's been working on his cardio to prepare for the fighting match. His opponent this week is a huge challenge. Mitch Colby is a big, solid man who stands 6'1" tall. He towers over Dak and has tons of wrestling experience. I think it might go easier on Dak if he just lubed up his ass now and bent over -- maybe Mitch would go easy on him. Not bloody likely. This was one tough bout. Dak scores loads of bonus points for slapping Mitch's ass, grabbing his cock, and pulling Mitch's jockstrap over his head; but in the end, it didn't help. Once again, Dak Ramsey has found himself flat on the mats with a naked wrestler straddling his face. After getting a mouthful of cock, Dak is down on all fours and bracing himself for the "full nelson." And he gets it.

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