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Daddy's home from work and he's had a hard day at the office. Jaren doesn't even bother heading indoors, he puts down his briefcase on his private backyard deck and pulls his cock out of his trousers. His dick is crowned with a big nob, the kind that you want to tease and taste with your tongue. He sits back in the sun and gives us a good look at his thick piece of meat. Beads of sweating are starting to form on his forehead, so Jaren strips out of his clothes. His chest is furry and his nipples are standing at attention. He sits back in the sun and pulls on his thick cock and gets it even harder. Jaren is featured in a new DVD release from Hot Older Male called Down to Business. He loves filling hungry holes with his thick dick, and he's paired up with two hungry cock suckers. Head on over to Hot Older Male and check out his solo gallery and get a good look at that cock.

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