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Sometimes a sex scene just comes together so perfectly that you wish you'd could have the moment last forever. Hot Older Male has done just that with their daddy-boy sex scene featuring the hunky and bald Zak Spears and boyish, daddy admirer Ethan. Zak has been so wrapped up in his business troubles that he hasn't noticed the hot young stud who moved in across the hall. Ethan, on the other hand, has been watching Zak coming and going. He loves older men and he'd give anything to have a chance to blow his load all over this daddy's sheets.

Zak is making his way home after a hard day's work. Ethan is standing in the hallway of the condo building and he's playing with his soccer ball. As Zak puts his key in the lock, Ethan bounces the ball off his knee and it lands on Zak's head. Angry, Zak turns and looks at Ethan, then motions the boy towards him with his fingers. Zak grabs Ethan by the scruff of the neck and pushes him into the condo. Zak pushes Ethan to his knees and hovers over him. "You want me to suck your cock?" Ethan asks. Zak doesn't reply, he just grinds the boy's head into his crotch. Ethan can feel Zak's dick stiffening in his trousers and he says, "Oh, it's so thick."

Zak gets his dick serviced good by this young guy, but Zak wants to see what this guy has to offer, so he lays him across the marble counter top in the kitchen and starts sucking his dick. "It feels good, Daddy," Ethan says. Then Ethan gets down on all fours on the counter and gets his ass fucked hard. When Zak has had enough of this boy's ass, he jerks off all over Ethan's face while the boy sucks his big bull balls. Fuck! What a hot scene!

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