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Can you imagine a hunk like this opening the door every day and yelling, "Daddy's home!" You'd come running pretty fast, wouldn't you? What a hot, hairy hunk of man! Tim Kelly his a hot package from head to toe and he's the latest sexy, older man shedding his clothes on Hot Older Male. He's wearing a neatly trimmed goatee with a splash of grey on either side of a dark patch running between his lips and chin. When Tim lifts up his shirt, his belly is very hairy; his well-worked six pack abs are highlighted by darkened patches of fur running across the ridges. This hairy daddy sits back on a leather sofa and fishes his stiff cock out of his underwear briefs. It's a beautiful dick -- big enough to slide down the back of your throat, crowned with a stubby, fat cap, and his shaft is nice and thick. And when this daddy says, "It's been a hard day, what's for dinner?" You could say, "Anything you want, but let's start with a blowjob."

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