One of the great fringe benefits of writing about all these free sites is that every once in a while I come across a real gem. Daddy Meat looks as though I can add it to that list of special personals sites. The page layout is nothing fancy, but with all the beautiful mature hunks and cocks adorning the pages, who cares? I signed up immediately, thinking that as soon as I get in I'll be limited in my options unless I dished out this much a month etc. Nope. It's all free like they claim. After browsing and doing a few searches I ended up with a roundabout figure of approximately 2000 members. And most of them are older guys too. Yeehaw!! Most are just your everyday horny old man. Aint' nothing wrong with though if you ask me. The chat is free, the galleries are free, the communication is free. Now all I have to do is hookup with someone on cam for a few hours. I'll see you all later. I'm going to go have a ball.....or two.

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