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Mike Dreyden is hanging out on the street and he's looking for sex. He's cruising on his cell phone and he's distracted when he sees muscle daddies Nick Moretti and Paul Barbaro walking together down the street towards him. Nick Moretti is a handsome and well-built man, he just oozes sex. Paul Barbaro is an older daddy with grey hair and a full, white beard. Mike watches them talk and he falls into a fantasy.

Paul says, "You just want my daddy dick, don't you?" Mike slides Paul's thick cock into his mouth. Then Nick says, "You want me to stuff my big dick into your furry ass, don't you?" Then suddenly Mike hears, "Excuse me." When he comes out of his daydream, Nick Moretti is standing in front of him, "You dropped your phone." Mike can't believe these two daddies are standing right in front of him, he's also completely thrilled that his fantasy is coming true. Nick and Paul invite Mike back to their hotel room.

Lying back against the headboard of the bed, Paul and Nick are wrapped together in each others' arms. There stiff dicks are waiting to be serviced. Mike starts sucking these daddies big hard cocks and when they've had enough of his mouth, they rim his ass together. With a sloppy wet butt hole, these two muscle daddies take turns fucking Mike's beefy and furry ass.

Paul fucks Mike hard and literally fucks the cum out of him; Mike spews his load all over his hairy belly. Then Paul starts jerking off with intention; while the other two men play with nipples, Paul pumps out his thick load all over Mike's cock. Nick takes his cue and jerks his meat, then stands and covers Mike's face with his cum load.

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