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Hot Older Male has also kept me supplied with hot, older men -- they do feature some pretty good-looking and sexy men. But when I popped by the site this morning, I was greeting with a daddy orgy, and it looks hot. Hot Older Male just finished shoot Amateur Daddy Orgy back in January. And with the DVD finally hitting the stores, they thought they'd give us a bit of a preview. Ten hot men getting naked and going at it in a bar -- can you imagine anything hotter. How about if the camera man gets naked and gets right in their. That's right, the camera man shooting this no-holds-barred daddy orgy isn't wearing any clothes and he gets right into the action. I don't know how you clean up a pool table after 11 men have been sucking and fucking on it. Maybe you don't clean it, maybe you just have to throw it away! This video features two daddy admirers, and nine daddies in their forties and fifties. Now isn't that a fantasy come true. Those daddy admirers sure did get their fill of daddies. Or wait, I think it was the other way around. Oh who knows, that's the problem with orgies, you can never keep all the arms, legs, cocks, and butts straight.

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