Ahh yes, there really is nothing like the love of a good daddy. At least for me anyway. Jake and Michael are back again because they just can't get enough of one another. JAKECRUISE made it possible for these two compatible lovers to get together again and this sequel is even better than the premiere. Jake is such a lovely dad with his silver hair and always hard and ready cock. Michael? Well Michael is one of those men you just stare at when they're walking down the street. Tall, lean, cute and hung, he is always a welcome site. Especially when Jake is eating his ass.


Michael knows how experienced good ol' Jake is at rimming. Look at the blissful expression on our young fella's face as Jake chows down. Pappa's getting that hole ready for a nice surprise. What do you suppose it will be? Let's take a look huh?


Well well. Jake is definitely a generous dad, feeding his long, hard meat to his young lad good. Jake is a hottie no doubt about it. All that experience and the ablility to keep his big rod hard for the duration are sure pluses in my book. Michael takes it well and serves his older mate's pleasures well.


Right to the hilt! I bet that tight ass feels soooo good. I love this shot. Jake is loving Michael with all his might. JAKECRUISE features our daddy Jake in many scenes with young bucks just like Michael. It's a neverending cornucopia of mature vs.young. To me, the hottest gay niche out there.

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